Hello Everyone,

Soferox has had a long road, but we are nearing the end of our first phase of two phases. The transaction chain is about to be completed, and will serve as a huge mile stone for us. 

2019 is going to mark a big change for Soferox. Starting with communication. There will be a minimum of 1 post a week to give everyone an update. This post will be detailed and explain everything that has happened. There can of course be more than one post if more things happen. This is something many users have asked for and we agree completely. 

Second is the coin swap. ALL coins are safe and secure. We have the coins from the first wallet swap (SCRYPT to GRS) and the (GRS -> GRS) swap. All coins from delta pool are with the SFX master wallet and safe as well. 

We will be releasing this month as stated on telegram the information on the swap and it will commence this month. Once the swap has been completed to at least 75% (we expect this to happen within 48 hours) we will then begin the exchange listing process. We will get on at least 1 exchange and scale from there to create volume. 

Once this is done, the process of beta testing the twin chain will begin. It will start with some small scale internal test. Then we will ask some loyal members of the community to close beta test with us. From there we will then open scale the twin software. **please note the initial release of twin wallet software will be on windows at first only.


We appreciate the patience and understanding from everyone and we look forward to 2019 being the year of Soferox!



Aaron M.

Soferox CEO