Hey Everyone,

As of this post we have already swapped almost 16 million coins of the 40 million! We are getting very close to completing things. If you have not received your coins do not worry as things are still processing. 

As we approach our 80% efforts will begin to shift away from the swap and old things and more towards the future and next step goals. Here are a few immediate goals we'd like to set. 


1. New and improved website. 

2. Exchange Listing


We'd love to focus on these efforts next and have a really good start point for both. The exchange listing will be easy. Just takes time to negotiate and work out contracts, so that part we are not worried about.

A new website is the same. Just takes some time, but those will be our next step goals for immediate.

Long term goals will be of course alpha of secondary chain.

Next will be the UI packaging of the secondary chain. This is a bit more complex as it will involve a lot of different elements, but in the end will be our end goal and an actual C# application using blockchain technology!


Thank you,