Hello Everyone,

The coin swap process has been completed. This will walk you through what you need to do.


There are certain fields on here that must be entered. 

  • Coin Swap Type = The wallet you are bring the address from. only 3 options of Scrypt, GRS (OLD  GRS), and Delta ( the delta pool ).
  • Public Address = The public address starting with prefix of "s"
  • Send to public address = where you want the funds to be sent too. This can be the same as the address above, but you MUST have your private key to use that address so be careful.
  • Email = email for support and confirmation.


Those are the required fields. The other fields are for: 

  • Private Key = if you have the private key to the public address provide this as it will skip the manual validation and get you your funds quicker.
  • Lost Private Key = if you have lost your private key and will need help please select this.
  • Select File = if you have lost your private key please provide all screenshots and anything else in ONE PDF file. This is very important. The system will only accept PDFs and only 1 of them so put everything in one PDF.

Once done please hit submit. You should see a thank you screen saying: 

Soferox Coin Swap Confirmation

Thank you for filling out the Soferox Coin Swap form.

Please check your email to confirm your request and someone will be contacting you shortly.


You should also receive and email confirming this. Should you have any issues please go to: https://www.soferox.com/Home/Contact and fill out the form for help.

Please look to forum for the link to do this. We will release link on January 21st, 2019 @ 10:00 AM Central Standard Time (CST). Offset UTC -6:00 hours 

It is possible this will happen earlier so be watching! We will be on all day on telegram to answer questions so feel free to ask them there! Please note any funds in web wallet are swapped and need no intervention.

Thank you!

The Soferox Team