Hello Everyone,

Just wanting to give a much needed update on coin swap and why it stopped. Unfortunately in all things you have bad people trying to cheat the system and we are no exception. 

Our swap bot stopped due to our manual balance and automated balance not lining up. We have four cases involving around 10 million coins, so a good amount (25% of the total). What was determined was 1 user was submitting through the swap then sending in emails requesting the coins and had private keys of course. This of course threw off our manual audit and was quickly corrected. 

Where we ran into issues where someone hacked a few of the SFX community members and had their private keys, thus making his request look valid. After about a week and a half of communicating with the real owners we have determined who the legitimate owners are and can resume the swap today.

I know this added some time, but we are very serious about this swap and getting the right people their coins. Had we not done the audit and just blindly trusted we would have lost a total now of 14,345,761 SFX due to phishing, hacked accounts, or duplicate attempts. I hope this puts some rest in your minds knowing we are ever so vigilant and are not about to blindly risk your coins. Please stay tuned as we post more updates on the swap tonight.

And of course the best news, all coins are still safe and accounted for!

Thank you,

The Soferox Team