Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone is safe and doing well during these crazy times. I just wanted to give a quick update on what all is happening. Due to the virus and the location I am in we have been ordered by both state and local governments to shelter-in-place and all non-essential businesses to close down until virus has been contained. 

This means no going to office for the past week. We have been working from home, but as you can imagine this has slowed everything down. Things are at the moment still being worked on, but in a much slower capacity. 

Our first priority is the safety and health of all those working on our projects. Also we must adhere to what our government is putting in place as we do not want to risk the hefty fines that go with breaking them. 


We are not sure when all this will blow over, but we hope soon and things should return back to normal. For now no businesses are wanting to do anything new and so it doesn't make sense to be pushing products at this time, but rather saving resources and preparing for once this is all over.

We hope you are community are also safe and that this virus has not affected you. We know many individuals are losing their jobs, insurance, and so much more so we hope that you all are OK. 



The Soferox Team.