We have compiled the new wallets for the ASIC resistance algo, and have both Mac and Linux working. We are going to get a windows wallet next.

From there we will create a mining pool, explorer, and then its release time.

Next step will be exchange listing. We understand many people expected things sooner, however, we held a vote and users wanted us to move away from ASICs. Because of this it put our timeline back again, however, this is the last change we are making. To get us onto an exchange and ready for trades we are no longer accepting any new changes for this build.

We are excited to see this coming to light and can't wait to see where things go from here!


With this, at 20 Million SFX is where we will stop the current chain. Once 20 million coins have been mined, any coins after that will not count towards the new chain. There will be a claiming program that will allow you to claim coins with private key and have them sent to your address on the new wallet. 

Please stay tuned as we release more information this week and next.


The Soferox Team