Ethereum and SFX Giveaway Contest!!

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Soferox posted this 13 December 2017

Hello My Fellow Soferox Friends!!

In honor of the support and appreciation we have for our ever growing community we want to do a Christmas giveaway!

We are going to select three winners! 

First winner will get $100 in Ethereum and $100 in SFX

Second winner will get $100 in SFX

Third winner will get $10 in SFX

You can only win once. 

To enter this contest you must have done the following:

  • Have an Ethereum Address
  • Have an SFX address
  • Have a forum account

To Enter all you have to do is comment below this forum post with your ethereum wallet address and your SFX wallet address.

Winners will be announced this Sunday between 12-2 CST Time. 

Thanks everyone and we look forward to announcing winners!

-The Soferox Team

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COMBO posted this 29 December 2017

Soferox Wallet: 7AFE4369-1027-4986-A526-2780F0379C6C


Ethereum Wallet: 0x5D5Bf77150305bCb74FBcA2750ea5Ec2d7f2321e

1Dave posted this 21 December 2017

Ethereum Address: 0x04e510558137d6bEB9C1d35c4fd3A2A7baF980aE

SFX Address: 26759472-D455-4EC7-B6F0-92731B33B8D3

Jonni posted this 20 December 2017

So who are the winners?

cwick posted this 18 December 2017

JUST saw this damn it! lol....(I've been oot!)


Oh well, here's my info anyways! lol . ;-)

Ethereum: 0x89c799ca3d79d343fd8c1606d5d0f3ec0367ecd2

SFX: B16A0223-B80E-4434-AC29-33036C891E08


Thanks Guys! You guys ROCK!!!

papitube posted this 18 December 2017

I have faith in this team!



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Soferox posted this 17 December 2017

Hey Everyone. Winners are as follows!

1st: Cryptoboss

2nd: KeylargoRob

3rd: Peter aka Ticklenutts

Thanks to everyone who participated! 

Rewards have been sent!

Thanks again and have a great holiday!

-The Soferox Team

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papitube posted this 17 December 2017



Yippyiyo posted this 17 December 2017


ETH address: 0xCf94B9da3542ACDf057B03009D46D267f370275b

Soferox Wallet Address: 6AA239AC-5681-482C-97A9-B98FB32C6E35


Greetings and Merry Christmas to all from Melbourne Australia.


sparhaus posted this 17 December 2017

ETH: 0x5Fc9F5040Dd2e5029D950105CB5f7dE4a38A944c

SFX: 7D9FF7E7-595E-4F09-86A9-4AE2EB7717E3

KeylargoRob posted this 17 December 2017

Merry Christmas to the Soferox team and the family.  I almost missed out on this, glad I logged in tonight 

Regarding the folks that want you to hurry up and get listed (So they can dump)......take your time.  We should all be here for the long haul.  Rock on Soferox!

ETH Address: 0xdFC5d98c2069631797E07df5Fad9F5De082857a2

SFX Address: 834C4424-C6F9-4501-8DCA-615FBDA9944F

sumdeus posted this 16 December 2017

SFX Address: 4A6916BC-D15C-434F-9B89-C92957FF9439

Ethereum Address: 0x363D775aDC8437C82377B7f5A5539F1154baaBC6

ddubz97 posted this 16 December 2017

Thanks for the giveaway! Excited!


Eth Address: 0x624442203718AC6c76107b2d92BC8aD8E0C081e5

Sfx Address: 72E52DB6-6164-4FF3-8E85-585FBEA1EE16

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Patfan2676 posted this 16 December 2017

Eth 0x9A448C979fe94D10CEB30739cc838f3AEeacbc39 Sfx 71AEA53D-3517-4401-9C8F-E6FF39A280DE

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Patfan2676 posted this 16 December 2017

0x49BB2a20fF36c02875e3e85FB71a4e05030784Ff 71AEA53D-3517-4401-9C8F-E6FF39A280DE

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icotrader1 posted this 15 December 2017

Excellent !!

ETH: 0x1843906d36cC93F52B651F0aE78D3b5Ac1c7c5b2

SFX: E5DB184D-601F-448A-BD1E-604D705EC608

Thank you

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cryp2ni posted this 15 December 2017

Thanks SFX Team - The Twin Blockchain


Eth Address: 0x0436BC4953c4731CfbEAF1a632750783d17E650d

Sfx Address: DF081EAA-E100-444B-8099-2C203D2FA8DD


Thanks once again.

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Tommeke posted this 15 December 2017



Eth address: 0x782744e83fb8C7882Db520bcB818B7f5F9CF6d98

SFX address: 242BFE16-DE10-4B1A-B08C-6AA7FA816E07

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captainjohn posted this 15 December 2017

Hi mate! Here are my wallet addressess; ETH address; 0x1bE203dB71Bfb6D85a35eD74c2f84E2baB48186C

SFX wallet address; C4D532F0-272E-4055-9747-E12EF4B84C6C

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hasmukh posted this 15 December 2017

Warm regards from me to SFX team :-)
SFX wallet address : C2C3FB54-9A9A-45C6-99DD-36CB81413C95

ETH address : 0x89eea1800aeeFaca6Ec81DaE3e94b488aeeD6a5f

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tuanmmo posted this 15 December 2017

Ethereum Address: 0x63AD2C16F2097B60eaba163E9788EA9635757605

SFX Address: 028D1446-07E5-49F6-8BFF-9E08A8D5A9D0

Thank team !

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