Hey Everyone!

Received confirmation today that our exchange listing has been received! You can see the payment yourself here:


Transaction ID: d0c781a92733f9649f2d1f15b2aab8677f7728a680b758d03154bed26d51234b



We will announce Monday where this is, though I know some of you are smart enough and can trace this to the exchange please don't spoil this till Monday!


We are still on track and keeping up with our promises. All KYC and withdrawals were filled as well and next step is publishing dual chain code to our GitHub for people to start seeing and even contributing if warranted!

It has been a wild journey and a really tough one. From the crypto crash and constant barrage of negativity I am happy to say we aren't a coin in the dust. We are progressing and moving forward every day. Though it may be slow, remember we are a small project. We continue to do the best we can and hope for a bright future!

Thank you,