It's been over a year since the last company update (September 2019) The Management Team has been sequestered in a secret remote location with Hand Sanitizer, Disposable Wipes, Medical Gowns, and unlimited international data research. No doubt, they've sent Team Members to distant lands with access to Crypto Secretes that are transforming the company.

It's getting very exciting out here just anticipating the next exciting update! There will probably soon be news that will shake Bitcoin to its knees.

As investors, we should sit tight at this time, because we can't yet imagine the significant importance of the upcoming UPDATE. The new streamlined Blockchain will blow other blockchains out of the water.

Let's not worry. Let's not concern ourselves that the company is secretly shutting down and taking the money. Let's not even imagine for a moment that Management Team has been watching reruns of Andy Griffith and squandering their time and our investment. Those things only happen to other companies.

We will all be proud of the Steller Accomplishments achieved over the past year.