Hello Everyone!

We are 16 days into the Pre-alpha and what a fun and eye opening experience this has been. We wanted to take the time to discuss with you all our feelings and thoughts on how this initial launch has gone for the transaction chain. 

First the amount of support we have gotten has been overwhelming and we are so lucky to have a community like this. We value each and every miner, wallet user, trader, etc. You all have made this so much more enjoyable by supporting us.

Secondly we are blown away by how fast our network hashrate has grown. I know this has caused some issues with you all hoping to mine CPU, but when making a chain CPU based, like we have, you of course open yourself to ASICs. We don't see ASICs as a bad thing, as they are incredible effective at hashing and securing a blockchain. As Soferox grows, so will the demand on the network and the difficulty will of course rise and to already see some great support is very encouraging to the longevity of our blockchain. 

We want to discuss upcoming things.

  • Wallet withdrawals are still being manual audited and can take up to 24 hours to process, but so far there have been no issues. 
  • The block explorer will be released this week. We want to give it a good 5 days of running to ensure no issues.
  • Mac wallet is on the table to be completed this week.


We are also learning a lot about what requirements are needed. We have already blown through one VPS and are acquiring another to keep up with the load and demands of the network. Our next goal is to get everything stable and working 100%

Some known issues we've had and are going to be fixed, or have already been fixed:

  • Mining Pool stopped payments (Fixed)
  • Windows wallet issues sending (Fixed)
  • Implement new block fields (Upcoming)
  • Website Redesign(Upcoming)


We hope everyone is enjoying this early alpha and chance at coins before some others. We will by may begin the open alpha and should see more users coming on. We are reaching out this week to exchanges and hope to be listed on at least 1 to allow for some initial volume trades. Those buying and selling now please keep in mind prices are not set by exchange, nor us. They are a mixture of buy/sells to determine a true, fair market price, so please don't ask things like:

  • How much is SFX worth? We have no way of knowing this till it begins buy/sells
  • What will be your entrance price? This is a common misconception and this is anyone's guess. Obviously we'd want it to be close to our last sell price. 
  • What exchanges are you going for? We are going after anyone willing to listen and consider, but so many exchanges want insane and greedy amounts like 7+ BTC or sometimes 20.
  • When will you be listed. Right now we are just beginning the conversation. This was something we weren't even going to do, but demand has dictated we at least start looking. 


We appreciate your patience and understanding and ask only one thing. Remember this is a pre-alpha. Not everything is 100% and we are working towards getting everything perfect for the true release. In the meantime we rely on you all to help us spot bugs, and other things to make Soferox great!


Sincerest Gratitude,

Aaron Mathis
CEO & Founder