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Soferox_Pete posted this 06 April 2018

To all my Soferoxians who rent rigs:     



Due to our low difficulty our rentals are having and causing a lot of problems for MRR.  I have a couple proposals for the hash rental members of our community to vote on.  While this is not mandatory, not complying may affect your ability to rent on MRR. 

In addition we are a small tight-knit community of rational fair individuals who should be able to reach consensus for the benefit of all.  In addition it is my hope that by scaling back the amount of raw hash flooding our chain in a proportional manner we will maintain receiving payments in the same ratio as currently while allowing our cpus mining members to participate without going days and days without being paid.

The proposals are as follows(if you do not rent hash from MRR please do not vote):. 

1.  Limit rentals to a specific hash-rate.  (I have some issues with this as it doesn't feel in-line with the spirit of blockchain and it doesn't necessarily fix the problem if certain ASICs are hashing lower due to damage or environmental issues. )

2. Limit the rentals to Gridseeds and Moonlander 2 devices.  (I believe this to be a better option but will submit to the majority vote.   

If English is not your first language and you would like help please contact Soferox_Pete :  )

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sassss posted this 06 April 2018

so how to be sure wwe got a good one ? in term of sfx income?

sassss posted this 09 April 2018

what would be the "specific hashrate" ?

Soferox_Pete posted this 10 April 2018

Well upon having some time to think about it I have a much more obvious and simpler solution to our hash rental problem.  When renting a rig, one must rent a rig with the appropriate Diff range for our pool which means at maximum 256, but to allow for more rigs to shop from we'll say max diff at 500 for now.   

I just spent some time on MRR and there are lots and lots of rigs in this range in many more flavors than the two devices listed.  I think this should be a compromise which will make everyone happy. 

Soferox_Pete posted this 10 April 2018

This post will be deleted soon please disregard