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Pete98 posted this 20 June 2018

I can't get any information about when SFX will get listed or when the platform will start up. I am willing to wait but it would be nice to get a little info from time to time.

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cwick posted this 20 June 2018

Brother talk to admin in their telegram group...you won't get an answer, but at least you'll be able to talk to someone, lol.


So you know, I did just that 2 days ago...and I wasn't the only one asking. They continue to say that since its a brand new type of blockchain being built from the ground up (with some things being BRAND NEW, so they're keeping quiet), that it obv takes time.

I also asked when the hell the mac wallet would be ready. With that they actually said they're working on a 2nd version of the windows wallet, and when that is ready the 1st version of the mac wallet will be ready as well....sigh

They also talked about putting the code on github...open source. but they're not gonna put all of the code up because again, some things they're doing is allegedly very awesome and new and they don't want people to steal it or some shit.


SO....there ya go. Trust me when I say I've been EXTREMELY patient as well, and am simply tired of being patient when I don't get any info for 4 months at a time, ya know?


Anyways...take care pal. Hit me if ya want.  ;-)


Pete98 posted this 28 June 2018

Thanks for your response it is the most I've heard about Sorerox since I bought in.  Like I say I am patient but only to a point. I had planned to buy more SFX coins after its' release and the price settled a litte but now I'll use those funds else where.  Management is scary quite and that shakes me.