Just dropping in to say hello!

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locohammerhead posted this 22 November 2017

Hey everybody!

Glad to see work is underway at Soferox. 

A little about me. 

I am the Chief Blockchain Information Officer at Blockpool.io which is a BaaS provider working on sidechains for our masterchain.  Currently only traded at cryptopia but looking to get onto other exchanges.  

If Soforex needs any help let me know.  I'm happy to help where ever I can.


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Soferox_Pete posted this 25 November 2017

Hi there and welcome to our little community.  We certainly appreciate your interest.  Are their currencies involved with your sidechains looking for a new blockchain to call home or are you looking to recruit?  SFX is a dual blockchain, currency, and free (yes, FREE) exchange as well.  Once everything is up and running the plan I believe is to have the chain open for people to create projects as well.  


FYI, I speak for myself and no one else, I am not an employee of or officially sanctioned by Soferox, however, I am a fan, investor  and active member of the community and speak with that authority,  Just to keep things on the level ;  )


Glad to have you around


locohammerhead posted this 27 November 2017

Thank you.  Currently we are petitioning new and upcoming exchanges to get our Blockpool (BPL) token listed.  We are about to be listed on COSS.io sometime this week and WavesGO development is underway.  Soferox seems like a great fit for what we look for in an exchange.

As for the sidechains, we are inundated with requests for them. But it will be up to the developers to make sure they are listed.  Audiocoin will be the first testcase of sidechains for us.  Hoping to get our delegate rotation, sidechain creation, node replication, Masterchain Genesis Smart Contract and Sidechain Smart Contract with Masterchain downtime redundancy built in in the next 6-8 months.  Hopefully sooner since we are getting there with the sidechain creation which includes Node Replication options via our BiT API.  

People hosting delegates for us will greatly benefit from the delegate sidechain rotation and will be able to choose which sidechains they wish to forge for.