Lets hear some recommendations on how we can make the project better.

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Soferox posted this 30 May 2019

Hello Everyone,

We would like to give everyone the chance to recommend some things you think will help improve the project and give you an overall sense that SFX is working for you, which we are.


Write them below here and we will read each one and reply if needed.


Thank you,


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tomaxx131 posted this 31 May 2019

let's look at big armies like XRP,TRX, LTC,XVG. they have articles, blogs that they keep posting and sharing over and over. They have regular updates. They have someone from the community that they follow. 

1. We need a follow-up article on the ones from ICO. MEDIUM, REDDIT, Quora. Community need materials to spread. What is Soferox? Why chose Soferox? All this things on website but we need poster versions.

2. We need more followers. We can offer bounties! If we dont have funding for it then I suggest a voluntary community fund managed by admin for tweeting and retweeting articles to minimum 1k or more followers. Community can decide how much is the bounty. We need to invest to increase the value of SFX. 

3. We need a social media director- someone who knows how to reach out and talk to people. Let's face it, Aaron is good but he is not a social media type person IMHO. No offense intended Aaron. 

4. We need an updated synchronized account on all large social media gates. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

5. To community, Please volunteer your services if you are good at anything above.





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george posted this 31 May 2019

Let's work on Soferox. Develop, write visions and what we are working on. We will then have something to write about and share. Others will come alone if we do a good and interesting job. I don't know anything about Soferox yet and that's wrong. ((PoP, dual ....)

1Dave posted this 31 May 2019

Personally, when I look at Soferox as it is I only see a generic coin like all the rest. Why would anyone want to buy in to Soferox as it is.

The sole reason I invested in this coin was down to the PoP / dual chain. This, at the time seemed revolutionary and excited me to see the outcome.

So when I see the coin 2 years on still just a coin with no information on how this PoP will work, examples of the dual chain integration, information on testing phases, new whitepapers or any documentation whatsoever it is very disheartening.

If this project wants to succeed and gain traction then this dual chain and PoP needs to be pushed as a major priority. I mentioned to Pete over a year ago there is no advertising for this project and that is a big disadvantage.

You mention you want the community to spread the word; yet how can we when there is no information provided by Soferox on how its meant to work.

Please provide documentation on how PoP will work and integrate with the first / second chain. If we can get this out in to the world, this will surely create the new buzz we all want.

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