Hey Everyone,

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We finished up the keyed swaps as promised and spent most of today doing last minute support to users getting them all squared away. We have a couple more users to assist, but we are now ready to begin the process of manual swaps.

We have also decided to open back up the online withdrawal.

So what to expect?

For manual withdrawals please keep an eye on your emails tomorrow. You will be receiving instructions on how to start the manual swap process. Please ensure you have filled out the form for the swap and are prepared to provide a full KYC style of submission. This will be non-negotiable as it is a requirement from US gov for something like this. 

What to expect for web withdrawals?

We are going to clear out the withdrawals as they have piled up and to ensure we serve everyone and since we have wallet swaps we are going to give everyone the chance to withdrawal again who have not already. Pay attention to your email as we will email you this if it pertains to you.



Thanks again everyone for patience and hang tight. Big things are coming our way!



The Soferox Team