Mining SFX

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btcwalletusa posted this 27 August 2019

Please provide instructions for writing the .bat file for mining. Thank you. 

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george posted this 06 September 2019


I don't use it ..


tray here:




btcwalletusa posted this 06 September 2019

Hello George,

Which miner are you using: EasyMiner, Android Miner, CPU Miner, SPH-SGminer, or CCminer

I couldn't get the SPH-SGminer to work because it said I was missing a .dll file.


george posted this 03 September 2019


or here:

-o stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> [-p <OPTIONS>]
• example.
-o stratum+tcp:// -u sfx1234567891234 -p x
• <WALLET_ADDRESS> should be valid for soferox
• password should be -p x
• If mining with high end hardware you can put -p d=512

btcwalletusa posted this 03 September 2019

Ok. That helps. I added the mining program to the start. It looks like this:

minerd.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -u <my sfx wallet address> -p x

This is from the Mining Software on Soferox's website. 

Thanks for staying with me. But I'm still open for further suggestions.


george posted this 02 September 2019

1) download your wallet and create your address


User Workname = your soferox wallet address

workerpassword = x

-o stratum+tcp:// -u <your_WALLET_ADDRESS>

from pool page:

-o stratum+tcp://<PORT> -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> [-p <OPTIONS>]

btcwalletusa posted this 01 September 2019

Hello George.

That's good information. But I cannot determine if this is information on how to mine GRS.

When SFX first put out their mining software, I was able to mine, but at a slow/interrupted rate. There was a .BAT file that I could edit to include my wallet address. But since the new mining software replaced the original, I have not been able to connect to the mining pool because the connection has been refused. I've tried using the suggested bat file, but with no success.

After your reply, I went to the Groestcoin Miner website. The .BAT file indicated that we should insert our User Workname and workerpassword. I'm guessing that when an account is opened, these two Codes will be given to us. And with a username and password in the ..BAT file, the mined coins will go into an account without needing a Wallet Address. 

I'm sitting here, drinking my coffee, and wondering whether I should give up my desire to mine SFX. My initial investment was large, but it's now worth only a few dollars. Maybe interest in SFX has declined, or has switched to other coins. 

Thanks again for your reply.

george posted this 31 August 2019

It's a normal Groestl algo. Look for information on Groestl mining.

for example here:

At the moment ASIC baikal (28 GH / s).