Mining Tips Requested

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btcwalletusa posted this 04 August 2018

Can we have an area, like this, where mining tips are posted? This site has some experienced miners who have a good ability to explain their ideas and systems.

After reading many mining posts, I have come to a conclusion that there are many people who are frustrated and are waiting for managemet to make things simple. 

What mining system are you using?

Are you mining with a computer, or are you mining with purchased equipment?

Has your efficiency increased by something you designed?

Have you tried Raspberry Pi-3b for $40?

Have you tried Futurebit Moonlander 2 for $60?

Or, do you have tried equipment that is frustrating?

Please post. Thank you.

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george posted this 06 August 2018

at the moment mining is stopped and we are waiting for a new wallet and a new algorithm. The team will be sending a message. G

COMBO posted this 26 August 2018

I just  installed new wallet; how to start mining SFX...?

bradtcad posted this 26 August 2018

Go on the sfx telegram channel,Lots of help on there.

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btcwalletusa posted this 27 August 2018

Since there was no instruction with the new Mining and Wallet software, I just installed them both. The Wallet program shows an error each time it's started. 

Also, the Mining Software has no SFX address associated with the Start.bat as the older version had.

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btcwalletusa posted this 27 August 2018

The SFX Telegram Channel doesn't have a visible link on this forum.

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Dynacaf posted this 30 August 2018

Come join us at;

btcwalletusa posted this 06 September 2018

The new wallet and mining software seems to have errors. When loading Wallet, there is an "address database" error. And when running the mining software, there is no place to put the wallet address. 

Can anyone leave tweaking tips.


locohammerhead posted this 09 September 2018

btcwalletusa to be fair there is a lot of information out there on google.  It would take a lot of time if we were to provide tweaking tips since that is extremely specific to your device.  just search groestl mining GPU (or CPU) *insert specific GPU or CPU name here*.   There are plenty of articles more tailored to your specific setup than we could even achieve by just a simple back and forth.

btcwalletusa posted this 10 September 2018

Thanks, Hammerhead. 

Perhaps my request was not clear enough for anyone to answer. Below are the two issues:

1. When installing the mining software from Soferox's website, there is a note to make a Start.bat with a URL and Port Address. That's easy enough. But there isn't any instruction to include a Wallet Address in the Start.bat file. This seems like it should be an instruction that is specific to the mining software. I'm just using my CPU as instructed. Therefore, I can run the mining software, but there is no obvious location that the software stores my mined data.

2. As far as the wallet software is concerned. When I run the program I get the error message: "Error reading Wallet.dat. All keys read correctly, but transaction data or address book entries might be missing or incorrect". This error message has been programmed into the wallet software. Therefore, the company who made the software knows what is wrong, damaged or incorrect. There is no wallet instruction on the Soferox website. 

In the previous mining software, there was instruction for programming the Start.bat file with a wallet address. This new version has no instruction. 


btcwalletusa posted this 6 days ago

Hello Dynacaf,

Do I have to download Telegram to use the site you mentioned?



Dynacaf posted this 5 days ago

Hello btcwalletusa,

Yes you have to download the telegram messaging app from playstore / appstore for mobile, you can also use the messenger on windows/mac/linux Go to;

Would be nice if you can join our community on telegram so you can stay up to date and discuss things with other SFX members.

Telegram address; @soferoxreal

Greetings Cafer