How rent and mining:

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george posted this 26 April 2018

How rent and mining (Only for Alpha):

1) download your wallet to have your Soferox account number,

2) get your account at, send the BTC to miningrigrentals and lease miner 500MHs and above (100% prior rent).

3) ? get a account (every miner goes there). or mining with http://  or  or without account.


4/  Soferox pool official pool - If you want to mining at 3032, wallet number, password. You have to try out which miner will go.

4/ Hobbypool - Set your Soferox wallet in the My accounts / Edit accounts setting and create some My account / My workers. Send a miner to this port / userpool.workername / password.

4/ SOFEROX MINING POOL - If you want to mining at http://, use a miner at stratum -o stratum+tcp:// 3433 User = <WALLET_ADDRESS> password = "c=SFX d=131072"

4/ - If you want to mining at, use a miner at stratum -o stratum+tcp:// 3257 wallet number, password.

go :-) 


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Dynacaf posted this 27 April 2018

Nice post george, for miners like me who just started mining; don't mine on a pool with low workers/hashrate, choose a pool with the most workers and high total hashrate in order to have the best SFX/MHs ratio, as of writing now this is HobbyIstPool. Good luck guys!

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Soferox_Pete posted this 30 April 2018 has recently

opened more ports to support

larger ASIC rentals.  

Updated Difficulty / Port Chart


  Difficulty |              URL             |              Port

  8                   stratum+tcp://                  3008

  32                 stratum+tcp://                  3032 (VarDiff Port)

  256               stratum+tcp://                  3256

  131072         stratum+tcp://                  3257

  262144         stratum+tcp://                  3258

  512               stratum+tcp://                  3512

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