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george posted this 21 November 2017

 At this point, SFX is a normal script coin (like LTC). Mining with CPU is not effective !!! Recommendation - mining with ASIC.

 How mining with your miner (Alpha):

1/ Download windows wallet

2/ Download windows miner

3/ start wallet and synchronize (copy address)

4/ in the folder with miner create start.bat

minerd.exe -o stratum+tcp://pool.soferox.com032 -u yourcopyaddressformwallet -p password


5/ start start.bat


 How solo mining (Alpha):

1/ Download windows wallet

2/ Download windows miner

3/ start wallet and synchronize 

4/ in wallet - Help - Console - 

     setgenerate true -1


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rleasure0 posted this 03 April 2018

I have been mining now for over a day with over 200 kh. With an address from my wallet, but I have yet to receive anything. Also how is it that people are mining gigahash without GPUs.. I just want to make sure my hashes are counting and Im being rewarded for them?

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Dynacaf posted this 03 April 2018

No Problem R Moreno,

Yes you need to copy the address from "receive" section wallet into the .bat file, then just start this .bat file and check the first lines appearing in this window, should see your address there, if you want to be 100% sure you are up-and-running just check out this page; You are OK if you see your address popping up between other miners there. Good luck!

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morenoar01 posted this 03 April 2018

Thanks for your reply,

So i copied the sfx wallet address showing in the receive tab (blue arrow pointing down) i copied the address from there and pasted it into the bat file, replacing the one in there. Is this the correct method?


R Moreno

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Dynacaf posted this 03 April 2018

I also had the same problem yesterday, mining for a few hours without showing the SFX balance increase, it stayed 0 SFX till i started mining again today, wallet showed more than 20 popups in windows 10, all my mined SFX from yesterday arrived in my wallet, so don't worry if you get the wallet address right, just need some time to sync your wallet :-) happy mining

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morenoar01 posted this 03 April 2018


My soferox wallet says 5330 processed blocks since I started mining. I did copy the wallet address to the bat file. In the overviee of sfx wallet, it shows balance 0.0sfx and the same for unconfimed. Am I getting credit for mining somewhere or do I need to make changes?


R Moreno

george posted this 03 April 2018

My rental experience.

I write about my unsuccessful rental test, which I tried 2x and lost some BTC.

I tried miningrigrentals:

1) I rent RIG 600MH/s

Rig reported a problem with a low Diff after 2 minutes, and the speed was 32MH / s.

Optimal diff for this rig 94,604-568k

miner wrote:

I think the problem is Pool.....

I have different asics, Bitcoin L3+, Innosilicon A4+, but they all don't want to work on your pool....


2/ I rent RIG 1GH/s

Rig reported a problem with a low Diff after 1 minutes, and the speed was 50MH / s.

Optimal diff for this rig 275k-1,648k


You can file a ticket after 10 minutes so I lost the BTC for this rental period.

It's not pay and go.

Does somebody have advice where and how to hire and why this error?

george posted this 02 April 2018

adding description of mining windows

george posted this 26 February 2018

My mining strategy:

I start with Intel I5. 

When SFX have mining pool: - its good for all because all miners get sfx (by performance)  

when I have to mine myself - i5 will be few (but a few may be better than a fast CPU), SFX gets only one who will be lucky and finds a block (speed is not a guarantee)

it will be interesting :-):-) I look forward to the games


Soferox_Pete posted this 17 February 2018

So  we are half way thought the 1st Q 2018, alpha and beta mining in late Q1 2018 so not too much longer man, hold in there.

bxipp posted this 16 February 2018

im more happy if it just a simple download and install thing. so when this thing will going out? do we still have to wait for it too long?

madmanali posted this 13 February 2018

Definitely interested in beta testing mining.

And Bxipp i know the guides to mining are not always clear. But don't worry us tech guys are more than happy to help walk your through start mining. Once you got to grips, its is easy enough. 

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bxipp posted this 12 February 2018

i have no knowledge about mining setup. hope soferox will come up with an easy setup for mining guide and newbie friendly mining for all does want to mine. it will be a great opportunities to everyone that like me. not everyone in here are a tech guy. hope this will making soferox something else then other coins out there.

george posted this 10 February 2018

Thank you for answer.

There was also a question about the number of SFX / block and block / time. If you know the answer, please write us here.


Your mining pool will be better for the start, we will be assured that the mining software will work with this pool. :-)


I wanted to set up a pool, but it requires a lot of professional work and constant care. I'm not convinced that someone who sets up a pool for the first time will do a good job for SFX. :-)

Please do it for Private Alpha. :-)

Soferox posted this 10 February 2018

George to answer your latest questions.

PoW is definitely where we start, though we have kind of a hybrid system known as PoP, but that is coming later with advancements.

As for a SFX Pool, we would hope the community would take this on, however, we will make 1 if the need arises.

george posted this 10 February 2018


I do not understand your activity, so I wrote it. But maybe I just do not get it. English is not my strong side. :-):-)

If Soferox team wants our entry, then it will tell us.

Interest in the node is a lot of people and we're waiting for information.  I hope the price of the node will be at least 5000SFX. I also want it.

All the mining information I have received here is written so people do not ask again. There are many questions to which there are still no answers. Do you have any more information?

@Leroy :-) Yes, we wait patiently for information about the miner and we look forward to the solution.

Leroy parnell posted this 10 February 2018

I am curious if SFX will do an integrated wallet seperate from exchange with a built in miner like WTC beta. A pool would definitely be a great way to show fast return, but I guess we wait and see...

Soferox_Pete posted this 10 February 2018

Alright George, then lets condense what we've seen in this thread, Soferox would like our input, we have people varying levels of experience knowledge and resources, and the opportunity to possibly influence the outcome of the mining setup or how we choose to take advantage of an early exclusivity.  Care you join with me in creating the discussion group I referred to in earlier posting?  Lets get people on-board in consensus as to the direction we the community would like to start off, can't hurt to be unified in this.  As far as the pool goes, I am fine with SFX creating the first mining pool and prefer it.  Once public mining is available however I will either be running a pool or if SFX has Supernodes then I will likely do that instead, poooooosssibly both but doubtful.

george posted this 10 February 2018

@bxipp    yes it looks like CPUs and some RAM :-)

george posted this 10 February 2018

Hi, I do not know what you want to associate. We're waiting for a miner and a pool. If money for mining then the deployment of high mining power does not help anyone. The network does not give you more SFX. This leads to increased difficulty and other members with I3 and I5 will not be able to do mining. I think the fair way is the SFX pool, which will be created by the SFX team.

Soferox_Pete posted this 10 February 2018

Hi Cryptoboss,  

Are you planning on mining significantly once private beta is up and live?  If so, as another of the more active community members I thought I would propose we look into starting a discussion and knowledge sharing group.  I would love to seek out other investors who have been waiting but are not currently active in any of the channels.  133 members currently in the forum.. I think we can do a lot better than that!!!

I will mention this to Soferox team and see what they think, would you be interested in helping me organize something?  We as a community might as well help out and get everyone excited and talking again!

Feel free to email me (same goes for other community members) at [email protected]


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