Need Soferox Beta Update Clarification

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btcwalletusa posted this 4 weeks ago

The instructions concerning typing a command in the Help, Console area is contrary to the warning Soferox put in the Wallet, Help, Console area. The warning says that Scammers are asking people to type in their wallet addresses and dumping them. That's what it seems like you are Soferox is requesting.

Please clarify that Soferox is bypassing their own warning.

Thank you.

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Soferox posted this 4 weeks ago

This is how you extract your private keys. you can search this and its even under the bitcoin wiki. We are not asking you to send them anywhere, but to hold onto them, so you can import into next wallet. This is perfect safe, just don't give keys out to anyone, and only download wallets from

btcwalletusa posted this 4 weeks ago

The instructions specify to enter my Soferox address. But it doesn't indicate the Sending or Receiving Address. If the instructions were followed as written, then the Soferox address on my website account should be entered. But that doesn't work. The reason for any confusion is the instructions only indicate one address, dumpprivkey [your Soferox address here]

Well, after entering my wallet Receive Address, I received the key. But when attempting to dumpwallet c:\mykeys.txt, I received this error: "Cannot open wallet dump file (code -8)"

The command may need to be changed to "dumpwallet cmykeys.txt" Note: when writing this command, using the colon : and the forward slash / keys together seem to make an emoticon.