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Soferox_Pete posted this 10 April 2018

To all my Soferoxians who rent rigs:     

 Ok guys and gals my proposition is this, not voting, if you are opposed please mention so in the comments and if enough opposition is voiced I will then have it voted on.  Other than that please consider the following to be

IMPLEMENTED AS OF NOW!: Rig Rentals are Hereby Limited to a Rig Difficulty of 500!

 Those who choose not to follow this rule will be asked to refrain from doing so and if it continues I will have to take other measures.  Please in the spirit of our great helpful and friendly community run out your current rentals above the limit and do not start new ones in violation of this rule.  

When renting a rig, after you click the Rent Rig button and are taken to the rig's rental page the rig's difficulty range is shown in the information window.  This is vital to keeping our pool and individual accounts from being banned from MRR.  


Thank you for your voluntary cooperation with this rule.

If English is not your first language and you would like help please contact Soferox_Pete :  )


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Dynacaf posted this 12 April 2018

Can someone tell me how it is possible that some workers on the Soferox pool have 500MH/s <----> 5GH/S if there is Suggested DIFF set on 500 max?

Personally i reach +- 130KH/S with my intel i7-7700

Moonlanders & Gridseeds will never reach that high hashrates.

george posted this 15 April 2018

I'll try to tell you what I found out. It's not a CPU coin, it's a classic script. The CPU does not have a chance.

Some older Asics like the A2 Terminator I have at home have no problem with this. Can the diff 32.

As for the 500MHs they will be L3. Some really go. From my colleague I have L3 270MHs borrowed and is going.

Some newer ones probably hold.

Soferox_Pete posted this 16 April 2018

Once again, yes we did tweak the scrypt algo for better cpu efficiency and had intended our launching to be more cpu prevalent,  we realize this caused some confusion however it hasn't changed our vision or intent to make a quality company, blockchain and cryptocurrency.  In an effort to allow our early investors who did not have mining rigs to participate in the early alpha access I recommended they try renting some hash.. . This has obviously gotten rather competitive, this is not Soferox's fault however.  If anything we were trying to look out after our investors, which I will not apologize for nor make excuses about.  

We are in-line with other projects at similar points in timelines.  We have considered the best and fairest way to move forward and that is to focus on increasing the value of SFX for all that hold our coin.  

Thank you