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Soferox posted this 08 April 2019

Hello Everyone,

We have pushed the new website changes into our platform. Before making them the main URL we'd love for everyone to look at it and give us some feedback and help us spot and bugs or spelling mistakes.

We hope you all like it and keep us informed with changes/bugs/spelling mistakes/etc.



Please note some links will direct to old theme, this is by design. Also only way to get to link is with URL, so please use that.

Also these files are brand new so please allow server some time to cache them. Site may appear slow, but it is not. 

You can leave your comments here on this post.

Thank you,

Soferox Team

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bradtcad posted this 09 April 2019

Word listint....



Exchange listing

our first exchange listint


word trustles   s missing of the end

Open Source

Soferox will take the approach of open source. We believe to have a trustles, decentralized 



Secure and Safe

d missing

Strongest Code Standars

george posted this 09 April 2019

What is Soferox?  - the bubble below SFX causes illegibility

randee diequez posted this 09 April 2019

on the opening page should be a period between used.Back and after SDK. under best features it should be promising features not promised. in the block about easy to use API need a period at the end. That's all I spotted for now LOL GREAT JOB SITE LOOKS GREAT AND VERY PROFESSIONAL

btcwalletusa posted this 09 April 2019

Only a Register button. No Login Button.

Soferox posted this 09 April 2019

Great recommendations so far. We will work on all these. Developers are often not to great with grammar and spelling, so thank you all! Will comment here tomorrow once we have some of these taken care of!

Token Research posted this 09 April 2019

“Here at Soferox we believe that blockchain technology and decentralization is the future” should be “are the future” if you are talking about two things. I think they are two things because you can have blockchain without decentralization, since it can be centralized.

“These are the estimated dates we are aiming to achieve the outlined goals.” should read “These are the estimated dates to achieve the outlined goals.” Fewer words to convey the same message.

“Users were allowed to withdrawal funds from the SFX Web Wallet.” should read “Users were allowed to withdraw funds from the SFX Web Wallet.” Edited withdrawal

“Our first exchange listint should happen sometime in this period” should read “Our first exchange listing is planned”. As mentioned further up, listint is mis-spelled. I also think “sometime in this period” is redundant because you already said April / May. A shorter sentence conveys the same message.

Mobile device, 5-inch screen: The hamburger menu button is behind the name Soferox, so you are unable to click on the menu button.

Footer: “Terms Condition” should be “Terms and Conditions”

bradtcad posted this 14 April 2019

Subscribe for Soferox updates (Coming


would look better

Subscribe For Soferox Updates

            (Coming Soon)


Token Research posted this 16 April 2019

As of April 15 on the new site where Soferox takes up less space and is aligned to the right while viewing it on a mobile device, you can now click on the Hamburger Menu button to expand the menu which is good, so thanks for fixing that.

However, when you try to scroll down the webpage, the content behind the menu moves but the menu is still stuck on screen. So you see the scroll bar on the right moving but the menu items are still available and blocking the screen. It is only after clicking the Hamburger Menu again that the menu then disappears and you can see the content of the webpage.

I find this behaviour to be very odd and unintuitive.