Prevention for Kittens Problems in the Future Soferox!!!!!

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sellog84 posted this 14 December 2017

Hi Team,

Do the team taking any precaution measures to prevent digital kittens problem that flooded the ETH blockchain recently?

I believe this will be good learning from others mistake can improve our Soferox platform to be more rigid,

But i wonder with all the problems,ETH price still rise to moon ,,,,hmmmmm

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Soferox posted this 14 December 2017

If you read our recent update, we are actually aware of this issue, and are taking steps to prevent this from happening. That is why we released finalized dates and goals for everyone to follow  

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CryptoSid posted this 15 December 2017


Ramadan posted this 15 December 2017

Trust you @soferox