?s re mining...

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cwick posted this 15 April 2018

Hey all - 


Re mining, I was under the impression it was being created the way it was so that we could mine with our computers and NOT need to rent rigs...

Well, clearly it seems I'm wrong about this from different things I've read.

Can someone please briefly explain to me what I'm missing? It's obv much appreciated...


(btw, I'm on a mac) 

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Dynacaf posted this 15 April 2018

My question on the "NEW RIG RENTAL RULE 500 DIFF MAX RIGS ONLY" topic is unanswered for 3 days so i know how you feel. Was expecting some reply....unfortunately

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cwick posted this 16 April 2018

Thanks for hitting me back bro...& wow. 15% kinda sucks imho, but at least you even have a wallet to update...The Mac wallet was (allegedly) supposed to be ready a couple weeks ago from what I read, & it s t i l l isn't.....sigh

Anyway...if you hear anything through the grapevine bro? I'm all ears, lol....




cwick posted this 16 April 2018

Thanx brother...if you finally get that answer please post & let us know...much appreciated. 

Soferox_Pete posted this 16 April 2018

Hello all, 


Apologies that I have missed some questions on th forum as of late.  It is a busy time for us and I also have a busy hectic life in addition.  As of right now until we expand our support staffing Telegram is the quickest place to get questions answered.

To address some of the issues stated in the previous comments relate to cpu mining and the prevalence of rented hash in the pool:  The devs of Soferox tweaked the Scrypt algo to more efficiently allow for cpu mining.  That being said we cannot limit or change how much hashrate from where is being pointed at our chain or pool; nor would we want to.  While our original vision of having a cpu dominated beginning to our mining has proven different than we assumed, this does not change our mission, our line of products and services, nor our dedication to creating a true new player in the upper-end crytopcurrency realm.  

Cwick the mac wallet, last I heard, is having the last bugs worked our this weekend so it should be any day.  I am actually holding in trust another members total mining proceeds as he only has a mac.. If I didn't think the mac wallet was about to drop soon I would offer the same deal to you, with nightly reports of earnings verifiable against the chain.  I do this for free just to help.  

Soferox_Pete posted this 16 April 2018


I will go answer your question in that thread now, I stopped looking at those as we were getting so much changing and new information they would become outdated as soon as I posted them.  This whole low diff mostly rental hash thing is new to us as well, which I have stated previously a few times.  If you are to ask many of our community members their opinions I believe they would say we are doing the best we can in an ever-changing and challenging crypto environment. 

Soferox_Pete posted this 16 April 2018

btcwallet it is my job to answer questions and I do not want anyone feeling uninformed.  Please anyone who posts a question that I don't respond to within 24 hours PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me at [email protected]  or drop by the Telegram channel and ask in chat.  



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cwick posted this 16 April 2018

 Hey Guys -

I just wanted to let you know Peter sent me a pretty detailed message about the mining situation in addition to the previous response to all of us that was left just about 10min ago. There's obv been a couple changes from the original idea(s), but they're trying (& appearing to) make it up in other ways...that obv remains to be seen, but I do appreciate the response Peter.

Thanks for the open communication too...imho, communication is THE #1 thing that makes or breaks...

That being said I'll probably hit you later this evening or 2mro Peter if that's alright with you.

Ok fellas...have a great rest of your Sunday...BBall playoffs are obv on, so it could be worse, lmao...  ;-)



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