Hello Everyone,

Hope we are all doing well and had a wonderful holiday weekend. 

Things are still moving quite progressively over here. All focuses have shifted to the exchange development and this is for one simple reason. Capital. 

The days of mad crypto wealth are over and any crypto product wanting to survive now must adapt a strong business model, and not just rely solely on insane price increases. This is why we are really focusing hard on building the exchange as it will bring in revenue for us which will allow us to continue developing and improving our products. We are going to be having a closed beta here soon this month and will be welcoming members of the SFX community to help test with us.

Another reason we have chosen this route is that much like many products they can take years to catch on and be used. Ethereum took well over 5 years to truly mature and reach the viability we see today and if Soferox takes that long I am afraid there is no way we can survive with just a wallet product. That is why we are focusing on the exchange as it actually possesses a sustainable model while we explore other partnerships with US Gov and some private sector options as well. 

This is absolutely the best route for SFX and we hope to have the communities support. It was always our goal to build an exchange and offer a C# based wallet with a slew of features. We are still on track for all this, but sadly when the crypto bubble popped it forced a lot of crypto coins to die and we are fighting to not be one of them. With everyone's support we know we can make it. Also SFX users will get free trading on the exchange. So this will be an immediate and directly beneficial option for not only us, but you are users. 

Those asking for wallet updates will have to wait as the entire dev team has been shifted to finish the exchange as we are almost done and hoping to go live this month or next at the latest. The first push was something we did not really want to do as we know it would leave more questions than answers, but the community really wanted to see something, so we released the v1 of the GUI interface for wallet and nothing more as that code is still far too unstable with latest changes and we aren't ready to support it just yet. After exchange is up and running we will shift 80% of devs to wallet and leave 20% for exchange support. 

We are all very excited about this and quite honestly very lucky to still be a coin alive after over 90% have died. Keep supporting us with your positive words and there is nothing we can't achieve!


Thank you,
Soferox CEO
Aaron M.