Hello Everyone,

Update for 04/04/2018


We will begin allowing withdrawals from the platform to your wallets tomorrow, or day after. We apologize for the delay. We discovered a bug in the withdrawal process regarding the secret address, this is the address you see in dashboard. The bug affected exchanges between your Soferox wallet (the ones starting with an "S") and the wallet containing your funds on the platform. Because of this we wanted to take the time to resolve this bug.

In a secondary effort to prevent any kind of glitch, or theft of funds, we are implementing a temporary 24 hour hold on all withdrawals. Additionally, we will require email verification to retrieve the funds. This will prevent any kind of hacks and give users time to deny, or approve the withdrawal request. We know this may not be ideal, but we take the security of your funds very seriously. We appreciate your support and understanding.


We have decided to go ahead and get SFX listed on some exchanges. We are speaking with a few exchanges presently, however due to the popularity of crypto many exchanges are asking insanely high listing fees. With all the hard work and innovation that has gone into creating Soferox we want the quality of the exchange we choose to reflect that. With quality in mind, we will be careful in our selection yet will likely start with a smaller exchange. Smaller exchanges may not have the volume like a binance or bittrex but we will remain solvent and continue healthy stable growth providing value for our SFX holders.

If anyone has recommendations, or even connections we are very open to input from our Soferox community members. With recommendations please bare in mind we may not be able to afford a particular exchange. Some exchanges are asking upwards of 25 BTC for listing. We are committed to the long-term success of Soferox and spending that amount would be bad business. Our goal is to eventually leverage the growing popularity of SFX as a bargaining tool to attract the larger exchanges.

If you have a connection/rec please email to [email protected] making the subject line "Exchange Listing for SFX"

Thank you,

The Soferox Team