Hello Everyone,

The beta release of our new wallet has been released. Please note that the wallet is out, and all coins have been migrated, however, they have not be released to addresses yet. That will happen this week. So do not be alarmed if you don't see any funds. Details on how to claim your coins will be released, so do not worry about that either. 

Also we are wanting to offload the mining process to hobbyist as they have done well. We have sent them and email and hope for a response soon. We cannot guarantee the current pool is functioning properly, so if we have anyone willing to create a pool it will get posted on the site and get the business first. 

The source code is also in the downloads and can be used for whatever other projects. Please note this is just the source to the transaction wallet, and not the rule chain wallet which is scheduled to come out later this year. 

Next steps are getting an exchange listing. Please bare with us as this next process can be tedious as exchanges have really raised the price of listing. 

To download new wallet simply login and go to the beta section. 

We are in the process of migrating the pool URLS, and explorer, but they are up and running. You can view explorer currently at: http://explore.soferox.com/

Pool information is on your dashboard.

We have decided to keep the 512 Block rewards, and then it will drop to 5 at 70 million coins. We have chosen to do this to create a more liquid market for exchange listing, also to help with market cap and awareness. This is actually a very smart approach and will be very healthy for the community. 

We appreciate the patience from everyone and are looking forward to the next steps in the evolution of Soferox.

 **NOTE** When using new wallet, please make sure you delete the old .soferox folder that resides in your appdata folder, or on the home for Linux users. This will get pulled in by new wallet and not work. Also be sure to extract private keys, or at the very least backup wallet.dat.  

Warmest Regards,

The Soferox Team