Hello Everyone,

We are happy to say we are making great progress to have wallets released by end of week. As of now this is where we stand.

  • Linux, Windows (32/64), Mac wallets have been compiled and are opening. 
  • Mining Software is compiled for Linux, Windows (32/64), and Mac
  • Mining Pool is setup, however, we'd love to hand this off to community to decentralize
  • Explorer coming next!
  • Coin conversion will be released once all the above are done.

This means we are so very close to the open beta stage for the transaction chain wallet.


What does this mean?

This means that next efforts will be to list on an exchange, and main focus on the rule chain wallet, something we are very excited to see and get out. We were happy to make this change and get away from ASIC and feel it was the right choice. 

We went with the GRS algo, as we appreciate some of the privacy features that are also in there. We will also adopt the fast mining profile they had which means coin count will increase and then shrink to a sustainable reward pattern. 

Our main focus for the end of the year is to get on 1-2 exchanges and have an alpha version of the rule chain wallet, something new to the crypto-space. 

We appreciate your patience and will continue to work hard and achieve the goals we aim for!


Thank you,

The Soferox Team