Hello Everyone,

I am going to answer a few questions I have received.

  • What do I do if I have multiple addresses? You submit a form for each address, however, only 1 address per swap type (GRS, Scrypt, Delta) may be submitted.
  • What happens if someone submits my address for me? You will need to contact support and we will resolve and determine the true owner.
  • What if I have my private key for GRS and Delta? Do I still need to submit a form? Yes. Even if you have this we would request you submit the form with everything. It will result in you receiving your funds much quicker. Any funds that aren't claimed will be held for a max of 90 days at which point they will be surrendered if not claimed. Basically we don't want to send funds to dead addresses where the coins can't be claimed. 
  • I don't have my private key or anything, just the public address, what do I do? If you did not keep anything, which this being crypto you should always have back ups, you will have to go through manual validation. Support will reach out to you with a series of questions and you will most likely have to provide a full KYC and other bits of information about yourself to receive funds.
  • How do I contact support? You will be sent an email that has support instructions, also there is a contact page on the Soferox main site. ALL support inquiries must go through these channels. No private PMs or anything will be replied to. For tracking purposes we must do everything through email and the support forms. A support number is tied to all public addresses at the time a form is submitted, so you will have all that given to you in confirmation email. Please provide that support number when reaching out to us. If it is just a general question then no support number is needed.
  • I submitted my swap now what? First DO NOT message support with an hour of submitting the form. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours to process. If you did not provide a private key this will take even longer. Also do not message us asking if we got your form. If you receive an email or make it to the thank you screen then rest assure we received it. 
  • When Exchange? Listing will happen once 80% of coin swap is done. 

The Link for the form can be found Here

The Contact Support Form can be found Here

New Wallets can be found Here

Github Source can be found Here


Thank you and good luck with your swap! 

-The Soferox Team