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randee diequez posted this 22 November 2020

While I understand just why Aaron blocked the telegram channel. I feel it damaged us as a community. We may not have always agreed but it still gave us a place to meet and talk. Now there is no longer a sense of a Soferox community. So i have decided to start one of my own on Facebook. This is not an official Soferox group but all are welcome to join. In addition to Soferox I am encouraging any one that joins to share tips and ways we can all make some money. This is a private group but just answer 2 question and you are in. If there is enough responses I will add a chat room for the group also. The group is called Friends of Soferox and here is the link: Hope to see you all on there     

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Token Research posted this 23 November 2020

Thanks for creating this Randee, at least for those who have Facebook.

Anyway, I do agree that preventing comments in the Telegram chat was the wrong thing to do, simply because the major thing that had to be fixed was to provide more frequent updates and to let the community know what is going on. The project is also not on any newsletters that I subscribe to such as Crypto Capital, Palm Beach Confidential, Altucher Alliance, or Delphi, so right now the only source of information is the Telegram group whose source of information has been shut down.

None the less, I do wish you success with your Facebook group, Soferox and any other projects you might be following.

Token Research posted this 3 weeks ago

I see the Soferox explorer has stopped updating:

As of Jan 8 2021, 12:07am EST the last timestamp is from Wed, 06 Jan 2021 10:15:13 GMT

If the chain isn't moving, then the project is dead as far as I can see.

george posted this 4 days ago

Explorer has been fixed. News is expected this month. We look forward to.