Soferox Day 1 - What to Expect

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Soferox posted this 01 April 2018

Hello Everyone,

Happy Easter! We are really excited to be releasing the Soferox Main chain today. This is again a pre-alpha, so some users will gain access first and be allowed to mine a bit earlier than others. We wanted to go over some things so everyone knows what to expect today.

First, we are doing a night time release. We are doing this because being Easter we want people with their families and enjoying the holiday as they see fit. 

We will be releasing everything on the Soferox site. We will be releasing the following:

  • Wallet for Linux and Windows (Mac coming soon).
  • Mining Pool
  • Miners (All platforms). 
  • *New* Solo mining directly from wallet, NO other software needed.

Withdrawals from the Online wallet will be allowed, but we will not process them tomorrow, so you will not see the option till Monday, or Tuesday. We want to be able to support this process in the event of errors, and being a holiday we feel it is smartest to wait. 

Lastly we are going to proceed with getting listed on 1-2 exchanges to allow for some natural flow of our currency. We do believe that the market dictates a coins success and we are confident that our coin has a bright future. We do not have any information to release, so please do not spam us with questions on this, but rather know we will release the information as we always have to you when we have it ourselves. 

We will be available during this process to help. You can ask question on this post, telegrams, or email [email protected]


Thank you,

-The Soferox Team

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CryptoSid posted this 02 April 2018

Happy Easter.... looking forward to mining!

george posted this 02 April 2018

I do not know if we wanted to do this when we talked about modifying scrypt and PoP.

How is it possible for someone to rent a pool with a normal scrypt.

Where is our modified scrypt protocol? Did you really want this? 971.96 MH miner ...crazy

Can I buy ASIC?

Aaron, we want a modified scrypt.

this is very far from PoP

Stop and restart with modifying scrypt (CPU) without pool and GPU.