Hello Everyone,

We are very excited to say that things have been progressing this month in a very timely and effective manor. 

Here is an update as to where we are now.

  • Pre-Alpha source code release v0.0.1 (build release has been completed.
  • Linux wallet has been compiled
  • Windows wallet being compiled now
  • Mac wallet will be compiled once windows is done


  • Mining pool has been setup, tested, and is operational.
  • CPU Miner has been tested to be working.


  • Core wallets will be downloadable. We will allow withdrawals from site wallets very shortly after release. (We won't allow it right away as we don't want to drown ourselves in support in the event there are any complications and we don't want coins getting lost). 


  • Address format change. You will see your addresses differently in wallet, and that is because on web wallet we attached labels to everyone's unique address to better keep track of things and not show actual addresses, this was for protection and for platform stability. Once opened online addresses will change with 

We are releasing this early build to allow initial testing of things. Right now source code is not being released as it is still far to early. We have stripped out PoP and the primary chain as we have determined they require more testing, and are still not ready for public use. Since we stripped PoP we are at present used a modified version of Scrypt. 

Like so many other cryptos we decided to keep things simple and familiar and use the QT wallet people are already familiar with. This also helped save time on development. Please note that once you download wallet and blocks, we'd love for people to leave machines on and act as nodes of course. This will help with network and allow others to download fast, of course our blockchain is brand new, so blocks to download will be very small. 


We are excited for the 1st, and are looking forward to getting some actual product into the communities hands. We are considering the possibility of bring on 1 exchange for now, and working a deal with them to allow buy/sells of Soferox. This is not information you need to ask for, however, as soon as we know we will release information, until then we will appreciate patience and understanding. 



Soferox Team