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  • Last Post 12 October 2018
Soferox posted this 12 October 2018

Hello Everyone,

We are coming so close to having everything wrapped up and ready for exchange listing. We were awaiting news for our regular developer Jason on Tuesday about the Segwit/Transaction issues. I spoke with Jason on Tuesday morning, but have not heard from him since. This is very unlike him which worries that something has happened to him, or some other event. I will continue to try to reach out to him, but in the mean time to keep things progressing I am asking you the community for help. If we have anyone wanting to compile the source, to test if the changes made fixed the transaction sends then that help is welcome. The github source has been updated with latest.


We will also be posting a job for a developer to come in and resolve these issues too in order to keep things flowing. We apologize for what is another delay, but find comfort in knowing we are so close and have some really exciting things on the horizon. 

We have also talked about the government contract too that would employ our rule chain. This is something we are very excited about and love that blockchain tech is being used beyond just the cryptosphere. 

The Objective of the project is as follow:

"To develop a capability for efficiently and verifiably sharing documents and scientific data sets using distributed ledger (blockchain) technologies. Demonstrate how such capability can be integrated with repositories implemented using conventional technologies such as XML databases."

This is something we are more than confident our chain can handle and have been asked to submit a proposal. We would not have made it this far without the help and support of our community and continue to ask that you hang on just a little while more with us. 


Please comment on this post if you are interested in helping us with the code base. Crypto projects often utilize their community as their are often many smart individuals and Soferox being founded on new blockchain tech we are not always the quickest to solve problems and rather than take longer we'd love to find someone who has a good deal of knowledge with the GRS source and can possibly assist. 


Thank you,

The Soferox Team

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Cryptoboss posted this 12 October 2018

Lovely and nice update, I think that new dev is mostly needed right now to get things done

Hobbyist posted this 12 October 2018

Please keep us informed.  I still have pool users with a balance from wallet

"version" : 80704,
"protocolversion" : 70002,
"walletversion" : 60000,


What will happen to the coins mined?  I see your new update to the GIT repository is a new Genesis hash.  Are you re-starting the chain?