Hello Everyone,

A lot is going on over here. We have been working with new devs and getting things moving much quicker this go around .We will have a wallet update, but don't worry, no swaps or anything like that will be needed. This comes at the request of a high level exchange and also something that was putting the swap and changed coins at risk so it was a worth while fix.

Once new wallet is ready and users have downloaded, the swap will be finished, or at least ALL submitted swaps with keys will be handled and completed within 48 hours guaranteed. Any keyed swaps left out will be reward a late fee from us as part of this guarantee. 

We have commissioned a web site designer and they have presented us some really new and elegant website options. We look forward to giving you guys some sneak peaks once we have finalized the design. 

We are having all this week meetings on next wallet phase. Once we have a clear path we will release date.


Thank you,

The Soferox Team