Hello Everyone!

Hope you have all been well. Focuses really shifted this week on the exchange building and partnership we have with that. I will begin getting some GitHub code posted this weekend to start the next phase of wallet updates. Things may appear to slow down now but rest assured things are being worked on.

Once we have all details for exchange I will be posting a link for you to create an account and our SFX users will have fee free trades!

The new PoP wallet is progressing nicely. We had a really good discussion and met with some really smart people who offered to advise to us on our consensus algo and got an overall positive amount of feedback. 

Please remember this wallet is 100% coded from the ground up, so we didn't have any code base to copy from so development on this will be much more involved. 

Those of you who are talented at C# will be more then welcomed to offer suggestions and even code if it makes sense.

These next phases of development are going to consist of fine tuning our consensus algo PoP and then running some internal test on our blockchain of data. From there it would be great to have an open ended Alpha and use that to determine the next phase of development. 


We are really excited to get this new blockchain tool that will allow users to execute stronger tools over blockchain and in C#.


Stay tuned for more!

-The Soferox Team