Hello Everyone,

A lot has been happening. I believe we are close to ending negotiations with an exchange that appears to fall into line with not only our legal standards, but our moral ones too. We will announce them as soon as paper work is signed and all is well.

We expect to have this done this week!


Second we have big news. We have partnered with a team to help deliver the Exchange. This means free trading for SFX users and this exchange will offer Bank/Wire and Credit purchases for certain crypto! This is generally a big deal to people during bull runs to be able to quickly buy more crypto, this feature won't be free due to all the middlemen but normal crypto to crypto trades for SFX users on this platform will be free.

We were told around July this exchange will launch into beta. SFX users will get a priority of access to this exchange so be on the look at for that!


Also we've had some last minute Withdrawal and other request we will process those this week.


The KYC stuff should also be done. We did not know that this process is very slow and their are many many many checks done by company handling our KYC, but I just got new we will have the results on them back this week so that is great news also! 


All in all a lot happening this week, so stay tuned to forum for real time updates and anything else we might have for you!


Thank you,

Soferox Team