Soferox New Algo (CPU Only Algos)

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  • Last Post 01 December 2018
Argon2i + SHA512
1 Votes
YescryptR32 Algo
2 Votes
YesPoWer Algo
8 Votes
Soferox posted this 30 November 2018

Hey Everyone,

Let us know what you think about these 2 algo choices. You can vote, or if you have a different recommendation leave a comment!


Soferox Team

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george posted this 01 December 2018


"PoS would be faster and more efficient than PoW system"

Miner can be anyone. Just invest in Soferox (buy and hold SFX), just like in a mining HW. :-)

Dynacaf posted this 01 December 2018

Thanks George

george posted this 30 November 2018

My basic info:


CPU+GPU miner, I7 420H/s

Coins Soyuz,VECO,WAvi,LiteBitcoin

VECO - Blocktime 120 sec, reward 16 to 1 coins
Nethashrate CPU 223KHs
Algo in an FPGA plan

Argon2i + SHA512
CPU+GPU miner
I7 60H/s, Ryzen1700 60H/s, GPU1070 1100 H/s, 1070Ti 1125 H/s

Coin only Arionum

Arionum coin
Blocktime 4 min, reward 1000 to 10 coins
GPU - 3184KHs, CPU 273KHs


Coins Cryply,Bellcoin

only the CPU miner
I7 ~ 1 KH/s, Ryz1700 1.2 KH/s
coin Cryptly
Blocktime 30 seconds, reward 42 coins
Nethashrate 403 KHs

But the best choice is POS. !!!

(or choice Yespower right CPU coin)

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