Soferox New Algo (CPU Only Algos)

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Argon2i + SHA512
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YescryptR32 Algo
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YesPoWer Algo
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Soferox posted this 2 weeks ago

Hey Everyone,

Let us know what you think about these 2 algo choices. You can vote, or if you have a different recommendation leave a comment!


Soferox Team

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george posted this 2 weeks ago

My basic info:


CPU+GPU miner, I7 420H/s

Coins Soyuz,VECO,WAvi,LiteBitcoin

VECO - Blocktime 120 sec, reward 16 to 1 coins
Nethashrate CPU 223KHs
Algo in an FPGA plan

Argon2i + SHA512
CPU+GPU miner
I7 60H/s, Ryzen1700 60H/s, GPU1070 1100 H/s, 1070Ti 1125 H/s

Coin only Arionum

Arionum coin
Blocktime 4 min, reward 1000 to 10 coins
GPU - 3184KHs, CPU 273KHs


Coins Cryply,Bellcoin

only the CPU miner
I7 ~ 1 KH/s, Ryz1700 1.2 KH/s
coin Cryptly
Blocktime 30 seconds, reward 42 coins
Nethashrate 403 KHs

But the best choice is POS. !!!

(or choice Yespower right CPU coin)

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Dynacaf posted this 2 weeks ago

Thanks George

george posted this 2 weeks ago


"PoS would be faster and more efficient than PoW system"

Miner can be anyone. Just invest in Soferox (buy and hold SFX), just like in a mining HW. :-)