Soferox Ownership

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btcwalletusa posted this 6 days ago

What percentage of SFX is owned by the Development Staff and Founders?

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Soferox posted this 5 days ago

I am not following the question, but SFX is 100% owned by its founders. 

btcwalletusa posted this 5 days ago

When mining is completed, there will be a finite number of SFX tokens. At this time, the number of available SFX tokens are owned by both investors and founders. Of the total number of SFX Tokens today, what percentage is owned by the Founders?

Soferox posted this 4 days ago

Oh you are referring to coins? We don't have tokens and there aren't an infinite amount, but like bitcoin they will just get smaller and smaller it will just take a very long time, so technically mining will never be complete it just might not be as valuable. As the team we only have around 1% of the pool of current SFX coins. We did not want to hold a large bag of coins as it tends to do a few things. One create speculation if we are gonna dump, two make us look greedy, and three we just don't need them to be honest. Much like ETH if we build a good product 1% of the pool will be plenty. This is a community project so we feel the community should hold most if not all the coins at some point. 


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