Hello Everyone!

I sure hope you have enjoyed the alpha as much as we have. We have a great community and an even better network growing. Your continued support is much appreciated and needed!

So lets discuss where we are. 

Right now we are updating the wallet back-end. We learned a lot from this and determine the current wallet needed some face lifting to keep up to standards with the much faster and much more powerful rule chain, so (1) a new wallet be released soon!

Second (2) we will begin an open alpha to allow people to use new wallet and begin a more open concept. The alpha will move into a beta most likely rather quickly.

And third once the new wallet is released we have decided due to user demand to list on an exchange. We are still tossing around the idea of which exchange, but we will be listing once new wallet changes are completed.


Once we have a sufficient market and we fill wallet is in a good place there will be a secondary release of the dual chain wallet. This wallet will not look like anything you've seen before. It will be packed with features, including the twin chain and the ability to code in c# contracts, rules, and other things that will help decentralize the control over the blockchain that many companies abuse. This will also allow us to make changes to the way thing work on our chain and avoid hard forks. Now this won't be full proof, but we are asking for your help in alpha/beta to test the wallets with heavy scrutiny. 

This wallet will operate on top of the current one acting as its rule holder. This will be open-sourced and we will be open to many changes like design ideas, controller back-end, etc. 

Best of all this will be 100% C# built and will have easy integration to enterprise level applications. 

We look forward to seeing where this takes us and finally taking the future of blockchain technology out of just cryptocurrency and into the hands of every day uses. 


Last the website will be undergoing some major changes. We need to prepare people for the new era that is Soferox and feel the website needs to better reflect what we are trying to do. So don't be surprised if you start seeing a ton of changes!

Thank you,

The Soferox Team.