Soferox Proud to Add Peter Fillmore to the Team

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Soferox posted this 18 February 2018

Hello Everyone,

We took your concerns serious and to better help bridge the gap in communication Soferox is proud to add Peter Fillmore to the team. Please join us in welcoming Peter as Soferox's new Social Media Manager. We have included a picture and a quick BIO on Peter. We are very excited to have him and look forward to him adding more to the community. 



Peter Fillmore

Social Media Manager

Peter has been active in running and contributing to online communities since creating his first BBS (bulletin board system) in the early 1990’s. Peter has a passion for blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and collaborating with others who share his enthusiasm for the industry. An invited contributor on with a common presence in many other forums and platforms, Peter brings more than 25 years of customer service excellence to Soferox and its community. Peter is a single father with 6-year old twin daughters who are the Joy of his life and where he devotes the majority of his free time. When able, Peter enjoys reading, writing, science and enjoying all the Natural splendor his home state of Utah has to offer. Peter invites you to drop by any of the community channels and say hello, he’d love to hear from you.

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Soferox_Pete posted this 18 February 2018

Damn, who's that good lookin fella!!

I couldn't be prouder to be joining Soferox's team of crypto ninja steely-eyed and just so fearless bad-ass's as we attempt to fix many wrongs with the current cyrpto market.  Lack of scaleablilty, excessive transaction times, exchanges killing your margins?  We say no to that non-sense!

I would like first to thank the wonderful community of investors we are lucky to have supporting us at Soferox.  We acknowledge and thank each of you; we wouldn't be here without you!

Next of course I have to give credit to Aaron and his team putting up with my non-stop harassment about getting involved and finding a role for me.  Thanks guys, I will do my very best to represent Soferox to the community and the community to Soferox.

It is my mission to provide all of you the best service possible and a level of approach-ability and availability rare in the online service realm.  For the next month or so while I transition into the position i will be on for limited and random hours through-out the day and night.  If you need anything post to the forum, message me on Telegram or drop me a line via email (coming soon!) 

Let's get this party rockin guys and gals, our patience has been worth it and there is mining and internal trading to look forward to this quarter and more releases to be announced in the coming months.  Start checking in more regularly as we will begin to have events like the discussion group and even some participation-based rewards and contests within the community, 

Please feel free to contact me anytime, I am excited to keep conversing with those of you I've met and look forward to meeting the rest of you!

Humbly yours 

- Soferox_Pete  (I'll still answer to Tickle out of habit I'm sure)


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bradtcad posted this 19 February 2018

Glad to see this Peter has been helping a lot on telegram,

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Progolfdoctor posted this 26 February 2018

Welcome to the TEAM!

CryptoSid posted this 02 April 2018



BTW.... being a twin myself, I'm sure your daughter keep you on your toes!