Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone who celebrates thanksgiving had a great one! We have a few announcements to make.

1. We are now in a full code production state now. We will use the forum and other tools to keep communicating and giving updates, so please share the forum with others.

2. We will be updating our FAQ and About page. The information needs more guts to it and we want to get that out.

3. Heavy testing of our blockchain is commencing and the mining software also.

4. We still have tons of people asking for updates, so again DO NOT ASK for updates, or when we will be listed on exchanges. This is something we will let you all know when we know. 

5. We are considering a Masternode event. Information will come as available so don't ask, but we are wanting to have masternode purchases below 1,000 USD to make it approachable for everyone. Our ideal amount will be around 300 to 600 USD, but no higher than 1,000 USD. For those of you that don't know what master nodes are Dash has a great write up on them here: http://dashmasternode.org/what-is-a-masternode/

6. We are also considering a forum moderator, and we will pick based off of community involvement, how active they are and knowledgeable on the Soferox platform. 


The Soferox Team