Hello Everyone!

We want to give another update as to what is currently happening and how this phase of development will be different. 

First off we are making the changes to the network, as well as, the underlying code changes we feel needed to get the chain running on large scale, and for alpha. Because of this you will not be seeing major changes this month most likely. We will of course keep things updated, and keep everyone in the loop and answer questions. 

We want to reiterate the point that we are building a brand new chain. Some people think things are moving slow, but this is exactly what it takes. We continue to ask for support and understanding that this is a journey. Soferox's vision was never to be a pump and dump and until we feel things are working to our satisfaction you won't see us on exchanges. 

Some people are still sending in emails to support for updates, and that is not what the support form is for, so please encourage people to join the forum for better updates. 

We would like to do an AMA or some kind of live event with Aaron, the founder, and give everyone a chance to have some face to face with the founder himself. We will post information on this once we iron our the details. 

Development currently exist at this level:

  • All code is in C#
  • We are currently debugging code and testing out the chain for live environments
  • Mining algo's are in place
  • We are testing mining from Pentium to i7 7th generation CPU's for performance markers
  • Wallet creation in place
  • Working on launching another server for stronger performance and faster transaction times. 
  • Would like to have a small node farm for launch to help ease the transitions from us to miners. 

Where is Soferox in a business sense? 

We are currently sending out emails to harbor relationships with other tech companies, as well as, certain entities we can't talk about yet to secure our future as a blockchain tech company. 

We look forward to this month and the work we hope to get out. Stay tuned for more updates.

Thank you

The Soferox Team