Hello Everyone!

We hope you are enjoying this month! We have a lot of people still asking us about dates and timelines and what not. So we are going to talk a little about that in here. 

1. Exchange and Listings

  • We have not given a date because we are not so much focused on turning SFX into just a trade-able commodity, but more with making a crypto with purpose. With that said we understand some peoples only intent is to sell the crypto and all we said was after ICO it would be listed, but gave no date or guarantees.
  • We have decided that we will commit to begin the listing process of SFX no later than the END OF Q2 2018
  • We are only going to communicate with top 10 exchanges during this time and will try and get at least 2 of them before going to smaller exchanges. 
  • We understand that may seem far for some, but remember we are not just a fork of a chain, or clone. We are an entirely new blockchain and this was something we have presented since day 1 and in white papers. 
  • Please be patient, for those who do not like these dates and just want to dump their SFX, we are considering a buyback program to help off-set the time. This buyback will allow you to turn your SFX into BTC or Ether, at a fair market value. However, this is still being discussed and no set date is confirmed, so please do not ask. We will release information as we have it.

2. Development and Alpha Release

  • Due to recent discovers with Ethereum and areas they are struggling we have discovered Soferox to be susceptible to similar issues. With this we have decided rather than to release Soferox and try to patch this once it happens to address the issue now and resolve this before releasing the chain.
  • What this does is pushes the alpha release back. We will now be doing alpha by END OF Q1 2018.
  • This was a decision made by everyone here and agreed upon, that we want Soferox to be used in real world areas, and if the network can't handle that right out the gate then we want to correct it.

3. Website and Online Wallet

  • We will be updating website to reflect new dates this week. 
  • The online wallet will have a new feature called "Offline Fund Transfer". This feature will allow you to download your private key, it will be erased from our system and have your funds moved to an offline wallet server. This will allow you for the time of development 'lock' your funds and keep them safe on a server that is not connected to internet and cannot be reached by outside world. With this you will now be responsible for keeping this file with your key. If it is lost we CANNOT recover funds. Only choose this option if you have a good backup system, and intend on using the offline wallet at some point. This file can be re-uploaded back to online wallet if you want. 

Final Comments:

We realize we are very ambitious with our timeline goals, and want to set fair and honest expectations. We hope as a community you understand our goal is not to postpone things, but to create the best product possible and we feel taking an extra month on some tasks is well worth it. 

Based on feedback from this post we will determine in a few weeks if a buy back program is something needed to work with those just wanting to get rid of the coins. We'd rather those people get out and that will allow us to take those coins, and add them to the Soferox locked amounts. 


We appreciate your understanding.

-The Soferox Team