Hello Everyone!

We hope you had a wonderful new year! We enjoyed the time off, but are anxious to get back into the swing of things. We have had a lot of people still asking us the same questions and are going to make the decision to only link to here now for information. As you can imagine we waste a lot of time answering the same questions on 5+ channels. We want to better use our time towards development. 

Also people have said things are quiet and that is perfectly fine with us, and better that way to be honest. We have a complete marketing campaign and strategy, and rather than waste time and send people and traffic to our site and have nothing to show we are waiting. 

This helps for many reasons but mainly to not waste money, or traffic. We are going to offer something truly unique and these things take time. So many people complain sayings its been 2 months, well yeah, but we also aren't some cheap ERC20, or Fork of another coin, but something brand new. It takes many coins over a year to enter market. Now we feel we can do it faster than that per our timeline on our website. 

This ideology is part of the saturation and watering down of what a crypto project truly was and meant to be. You may not like this, but you will thank us in the long run when you are a part of something great. 

Immediate Goals we have are, but not limited too:

  • Publishing of first pieces of source code. (We used a basis of Litecoin, stratis, and Bitcoin of course) to make our own child of cryptocurrency. We took great aspects from all of these and of course added some of our new things, like twin-chain and PoP.
  • Allowing Online Trading Between users. (Beware, this will be at your own risk, we cannot recover lost or stolen funds).
  • Alpha testing on mining possibly.

These are goals and we'd love to see them all happen very soon. As to exchange listing. We are trying to create a new type of blockchain tech and are no longer entertaining this question. Yes we will be on exchange. Do not worry, or ask about this. 

To end on a high note. 

We look forward to opening up features and showing everyone things we can do with this crypto! 


-The Soferox Team