Hello Everyone,

We are happy to announce that buy/sells will be enabled on the Soferox platform very soon! What this means is users will now be able to login and place buy, or sell orders to the community and trade SFX coins among yourselves. 

We are going to take all steps we can to protect the buyer and sellers in this. We have implemented a safe buy and safe sell feature. What that entails is the following:

  • You will choose an order to buy from them. 
  • They will provide an address and you will send to that address, once done you will input TX ID of this transaction for confirmation.
  • Once confirmed we will consider the transaction successful and will release SFX to user. 
  • To protect buyer as long as they follow steps above the funds will be released from the person they are buying from. 

We hope to encourage people and the community to trade with honor and respect, but again once trades are finalized there is nothing we can do to recover lost, or stolen funds. 

To start we will allow BTC/SFX and ETH/SFX.

To make things clear this will be just user to user. The website Exchange is not going live as we still have much more testing to do. 

We look forward to releasing more things as time progresses. As you can imagine we are building a blockchain from the ground up, and though things may seem slow, that is because progress takes time, and good work takes time. We didn't just copy another blockchain, or use Ethereum, Soferox is its own thing and we are looking forward to serving everyone and seeing just where this project can go.


-The Soferox Team