Hey Everyone,

We will be performing a wallet update on Monday, March 18 @ 110 UTC-6. 

We will need mining to stop, and all wallets shut down at this time.

Once we are done with migration we will release new wallet and source so you can compile code, download wallet, or whatever else you might need. After this is done we should no longer have anymore issues to deal with. 

We are excited to get this rolling and ask during this update no mining, or pools for old wallet be on as it could cause a problematic fork. 

We will be online all day and giving status updates. We expect to new around 2-4 hours to complete everything. We will give a block height at which we will stop on Monday. So please pay attention to that.


After this we will complete the swap with keys within 48 hours and begin manual validation. From there new website will be started and our first exchange listing to follow. I know its been a long road, but we couldn't be more excited to get here!