Updates before year end?

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Token Research posted this 24 December 2019

Hello - can Soferox provide some updates before the end of the year please.

Seeing how the last update was on October 16, I am hoping something has happened since then.

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Soferox posted this 24 December 2019

Sure we have been pretty active on Instagram with the beta. I will post an EOY update on here as well. Thank you for recommending it!

Token Research posted this 24 December 2019

Cool, thanks.

Token Research posted this 01 January 2020

Lol, true.

btcwalletusa posted this 03 January 2020

Why spend a large amount of time on Instagram, when the investors are on this Forum?

Token Research posted this 04 January 2020

I'm not on Instagram, so I can't follow anything on there.

Having said that though, I don't see an Instagram link on the main page https://www.soferox.com/

btcwalletusa posted this 08 January 2020

Maybe they are waiting for the Chinese New Year - end of year report. That happens on January 25. It's getting difficult to contain the excitement.

Token Research posted this 5 weeks ago

Soferox - thanks for cleaning up the forum but we still need updates.

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Token Research posted this 3 weeks ago

Any more New Year celebrations come to mind? This is ridiculous right now not getting any updates at all.