We've been asked to make suggestions on how to improve the project. The biggest hindrance toward making suggestions is that we don't know what is currently being done, or in the planning stages. We don't even know what hasn't worked in the past.

Sure, email messages can take 2-3 days to get an answer from an exchange. But it's been months and months. We are not satisfied with simple answers.

And the question about 1 or 2 Bitcoins for a listing expense is impossible to answer. We don't know the financials and have never seen an annual, quarterly, or monthly financial report. How in the world can we make a suggestion concerning expenses when we don't know any financials? Waiting another month or so to make a decision could see Bitcoin above $10,000.  Earlier this year the price was below $4,000. Wasn't there a need to list SFX on an exchange back then? 

Company expenses can include Travel, Office, Computers, Internet, Supplies, LIcenses, Permits, Contractor Fees, Payroll and Maintenance expenses. Without knowing how much money is needed to keep the team functioning, we can't make recommendations.

All businesses need a budget to operate within. Soferox may have planned for certain expenses and increases. Or, they may have failed to plan. We just don't know.

And finally, quit telling us that some posts make the team discouraged. As investors, we are getting highly discouraged and disappointed. We are not trying to mold Soferox into anything different than the original White Papers indicated. 

If Soferox wants input from investors, then publish a quarterly Financial Statement with expenses including salaries. Let us know how much money is in reserve. Let us know what didn't work. 

One day, we'll either have a viable SFX Coin, or Soferox will go out of business silently. We all understand this. So let's treat Soferox as a Business and not a Social Club. And quit getting discouraged.