Was this a scam?

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Tommeke posted this 2 weeks ago

Hello all


This post might get deleted, but I am posting it anyway.

When I started my venture into the crypto-scpace I made some stupid mistakes putting my money in places it shouldn't be. Not great amounts but still, money lost.

I am feeling more and more that this is just another lost cause and that all they are doing is prolonging the exit they are making. Nothing is being done in GitHub, no updates for about 6 months other then them having to work from home (like the rest of the world).

7000 ETH was raised during ICO. Thats about 2,8 million dollars worth at the time of writing for a forum and a wallet anyone can make at this point. 

Does anyone feel the same way or is it just me? And if the people working (if they still are) on this diagree, please provide decent feedback. Thanks.

Token Research posted this 3 days ago

No clue if it is a scam or if they tried something and didn't work but to have to wait so long between updates while also shutting down user interaction with a community that is already so small and with a market that is picking back up (Bitcoin and ETH for example), it does look extremely negative from a user perspective.